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Bed Bug Solutions For Home And Business Owners

Are bed bugs making you itchy? If you or your family have been waking up with red itchy bumps on your body, you could be experiencing a bed bug problem. Bed bugs have become a growing issue in recent years, infesting thousands of homes and businesses all over the United States every year. 

No one is immune to a bed bug infestation, and once they get into your house, bed bugs are almost impossible to eradicate using do-it-yourself pest control methods. Amco Pest Solutions, Inc. has been helping home and business owners across the states of New York, New Jersey, and Florida take back their properties from bed bugs for decades. 

If bed bugs are giving you trouble, contact the QualityPro Certified professionals at Amco Pest Solutions for help.

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Our Bed Bug Control Process

Free Inspection

Bed bugs can be difficult to identify. They spend most of their time hiding, and even when you see them, you can easily mistake them for other bugs. Before performing any treatment, Amco Pest Solutions will inspect your house. We’ll identify whether or not you have a bed bug infestation and determine how widespread it is.


Treatment varies based on your home’s particular needs, but we typically provide a combination of conventional spray and steam treatments. We begin by providing you with a prep sheet to help you prepare your home before we arrive to perform the treatment. Once we begin, we’ll start with the spray treatment, then steam the beds. Our bed bug service treats your whole house so you won’t have to worry about any bed bugs escaping.

Upon request, we can provide separate steam treatments or conventional treatments on their own.

After your first service visit, a 30-day warranty goes into effect. If you discover bed bugs in your home during those 30 days, we’ll return to re-treat at no additional charge.

Residential Bed Bug Control

Have bed bugs invaded your home? Have you started witnessing small red bites along your skin or started seeing small brown streaks along your bedding? If so, it’s time to call a professional bed bug exterminator for help.

Getting rid of bed bugs alone is a stressful experience, and one that is often ineffective at completely eliminating the entire problem. At Amco, we have the tools and experience you need to get rid of your bed bug problem the first time - saving you time, money, and a whole lot of headaches.

Amco Pest Solutions, Inc. follows a proven bed bug removal process that can be customized to fit all of our customers’ unique needs when it comes to their homes. Contact us today for more information about our bed bug programs and how they work, and find out if a residential bed bug treatment through Amco might be the perfect solution for your home’s bed bug presence.

Commercial Bed Bug Control

When bed bugs invade commercial properties, they bring all the same problems they carry into homes along with several new ones - hassling everyone involved and bringing any business to a grinding halt. 

Amco Pest Solutions, Inc. employs a number of effective bed bug control treatment options for restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and other commercial properties. 

Don’t put your business at risk for one more day. Contact the professionals at Amco today for help, and send bed bugs packing.

Bed Bug Identification

Identifying a bed bug problem can be a hassle depending on your familiarity with these small parasites. 

Bed bugs are flat, oval-shaped, and brown in color. At about ¼ inch long, they resemble apple seeds in appearance. They are parasites, feeding on the blood of animals they come into contact with - preferably humans. After a blood meal, they swell in size and turn a reddish color. 

Bed bugs can’t fly or jump. Because they have no wings, bed bugs can’t fly and unlike most wingless insects, they aren’t capable of hopping or jumping long distances. They typically travel by crawling or as a passenger either on your person or in your belongings.

Bed Bugs can go a long time without feeding. Bed bugs normally feed every three to seven days but they can survive without feeding much longer than that. Mature bed bugs can normally live up to five months without feeding. In cooler climates, their metabolism will slow, extending their lifespan and enabling them to live up to a year without feeding. A newly hatched bed bug, commonly known as a nymph, can even survive 2-3 weeks without feeding.

Preventing A Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are notorious for keeping people up at night with itchy bites and headaches. Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and animals to survive; if you don’t take steps to prevent them, that could mean you! 

Here are some effective tips you can use to minimize your risk for bed bug infestation:

  • Avoid buying used mattresses or furniture whenever possible, and examine any used furniture extensively prior to bringing it into your home
  • When traveling, inspect your hotel or motel room (such as black streaks on the mattresses or bed frames, small white sheddings, or clutches of miniscule pearly white eggs)
  • Avoid setting down your belongings on the floors of airports, libraries, theatres, schools, and other public areas
  • Store your clothing in airtight plastic bags when you travel
  • Wash your bags and clothing on the highest heat setting after returning home from a trip

Unfortunately, bed bugs can strike at any time of year, and once inside, they’re nearly impossible for homeowners to completely eliminate on their own. Their miniscule size allows them to hide almost anywhere, while their quick rate of reproduction allows them to outlast almost any DIY treatment and come back again within a week or two. This is why, should a bed bug problem emerge, it is vital that you contact the professionals at Amco immediately for help.

Preparing For A Bed Bug Treatment

Please follow these steps thoroughly in preparation of us coming to your home:

  • Vacuum all flooring, baseboards, and furniture thoroughly to remove all bedbug eggs.
  • Throw away vacuum cleaner bags immediately in an outdoor receptacle.
  • Remove all bedding from all beds throughout house before treatment and have laundered at a professional laundromat.
  • Be sure wash in extremely hot water to kill bedbugs and their eggs.
  • Remove pictures from walls and place them on the floor. All shelves and bookcases should be cleared. This is important as bedbugs will lay eggs in books and knick knacks, as well as inside and behind picture frames.
  • Bed must be taken apart and stood up so mattress and box spring can be treated and inspected which may require removal of dust cover under box spring. In cases of severe infestation, mattresses should be thrown away. There is no way to save them in the heaviest infestations. A bedbug-proof mattress cover should be installed on new mattresses and box springs before bringing them into your home.
  • Any food must be put away in the fridge. Tooth brushes, toothpaste, cosmetics, and anything that you may eat, drink, or put near your mouth and eyes must be sealed in plastic bags and stored.
  • Clear any objects away from baseboards. Furniture must be moved to the center of the room 2-3 feet from the walls. Carpeting must be lifted around the edges of the room. Clear any objects off of the floor to allow for more thorough coverage.
  • Clear off and clean out any dresser surfaces, end tables, tabletops, cabinets, etc. Drawers should be opened or taken out to allow for more thorough coverage.
  • Smoke alarms/detectors and fire alarms must be disabled. This usually can be done by removing the battery.
  • Remove any pets, fish, birds, cats, dogs, etc. from the house for at least 4 – 6 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to control bed bugs?

While some do-it-yourself bed bug treatments can be effective, most homeowners choose to go the professional route.

What does pest control do for bed bugs?

Our bed bug control treatments are effective at eliminating bed bugs in all stages of development. We use a combination of treatment methods, including liquids and dusts to eradicate your infestation completely.

Can pest control kill bed bugs?

Effective bed bug control will kill the bed bugs in your home. This process can sometimes require more than one treatment. We'll inspect and re-treat your home if necessary.

What chemicals do pest control companies use for bed bugs?

Typically, the most effective way to eliminate a bed bug infestation is by using a combination of chemical treatments. We use liquids, dusts, and aerosols that we must apply according to precise standards and with detailed care.


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