HexPro Termite Control from AMCO

swarming-termitesTermites may be small, but they can be a big problem for your home. When your home is affected by termites, you may suffer catastrophic damage before you even realize there is a problem. Due to the climate in New York and New Jersey, homes in this area are especially vulnerable to termites. In any given year, termites do billions of dollars worth of damage to homes across the region.

With this real risk, it is essential to take action to keep your home from becoming another termite statistic. To be proactive in protecting your home, you can trust AMCO Pest Services. AMCO has a long history of successful pest control in New Jersey and New York, providing real solutions for any of your pest problems. If you are worried about termites, AMCO can help with HexPro.

HexPro is one of the leading ways to control any termite infestation. Not only is it exceptionally effective, HexPro is also less invasive. The targeted approach allows homeowners to control termites instead of letting termites control them.

The process starts with a professional inspection. AMCO will examine your property for signs of termites in order to assess the need for intervention. If activity is detected, AMCO will install HexPro termite stations around the house. These stations are usually installed in key locations where termites are most likely to forage. Stations can also be placed at locations where termite activity has been concretely identified in order to yield immediate results.

After the installation, these stations are monitored regularly. This way, AMCO professionals can gauge ongoing termite activity. At first, most stations are not armed. However, when termites are found inside the stations, bait is installed to eliminate the problem. When termites take the bait, they return to the colony. From here, the bait is shared, and the colony is eventually destroyed over several weeks.

Once activity has been controlled, stations can become monitors once again. AMCO will continue to check for activity in order to ensure there is no resurgence. HexPro has a minimal footprint on the property, and it is also odorless. Since it uses a small amount of bait, it is also safer than many alternatives. There is no drilling or trenching required, ensuring that homeowners do not have to be further inconvenienced by their termite problem.

HexPro should only be used by trained professionals. Fortunately, the team at AMCO is thoroughly equipped to install and monitor HexPro stations in addition to many other pest control solutions. If you suspect you have termites or if activity has been detected in your neighborhood, it is time to keep your home safe. Contact AMCO today to find big solutions to your little pest problems.