Choosing the Best Pest Professional in NJ/NY

When you discover a pest problem in your home you want to be sure that you are hiring the very best pest management company available in your area. Here is a list of questions you can ask or research to determine which company would be best suited to treat your home, business or property:

  • How long have you been in business? A new company has not had time to establish a reputation yet and lacks the experience to have good solid working pest protocols in place. Not to mention, if their business is new do you really know for sure that they will be around long enough to stand behind any guarantees they may be promising?
  • How many times have you treated for the type of pest problem you are experiencing? Sometimes, pest control companies specialize, but you will want one with expertise and years of experience with your specific pest problem.
  • Request a list of references. There really is no substitute for this, so go with one that comes with referrals from your friends or relatives that have used the company.
  • Don’t assume, ask to see their license and determine how they train their technicians.
  • Ask if they guarantee their services. If they are dealing with termites, you also want to know if they have liability insurance – just in case they never actually get rid of them.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are complaints against the company. Your state will also have a similar list.
  • Find out if they are members of the national and local pest control associations. While not required, it will indicate if they have access to up to date information and techniques – and can apply them to your situation.
  • Get at least 2 or 3 estimates before you buy, then compare services offered and price before you choose one.
  • Find out how long the service is good for. There will be a contract, and it will state how many months they will service your home or business.
  • Learn what chemicals they use and how they are distributed in your home or business. In most cases, you want to go for limited amounts and limited distribution.
  • Understand how often treatments are repeated and how many treatments are covered in the contract.
  • For termite contracts, find out if the damaged wood will be replaced, and when re-inspections will be performed. Also learn about where treatment stations will be placed and the types of chemicals used – get the labels.
  • Find out what the company will do in the way of prevention, how long it will take, and how often they need to return for inspections, cleanup, etc.

Depending on the particular pest, your service professional should always perform the services as covered in the Agreement. Do not expect anything to be done for you if it is not in print. Make sure that you understand all aspects of the Agreement, too, before you sign anything. Ask questions if you need to.

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