Is Do-It-Yourself Pest Control a Good Idea?

DIY is all the rage these days with not only television shows but entire networks dedicated to teaching the homeowner how to take care of problems around the home on their own. While this seems like a great idea on the surface it can backfire quickly and, if the wrong methods are used, time is wasted or pesticide is misapplied you and your family are at risk.

We all heard about the NJ man who burned down his home attempting to get rid of bed bugs. There are just some pests like bed bugs, termites and other wood destroyers and stinging insects that you should never attempt to treat by yourself. Spraying unnecessary pesticides, treating for a wrongly identified pest or allowing precious time to go by and a small infestation growing into a full-blown infestation will actually cost you more money in the long run.

Finally, we never, ever recommend that you attempt to remove wildlife from your home without a professional. Wildlife are unpredictable, particularly when they are cornered or feel threatened or when they have young present. Contact a pest professional if you run into a wildlife invasion problem.

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