a muskrat in the forest

What are muskrats?

A semi-aquatic rodent, muskrats, are unique creatures that live around waterways. These mammals were named because of their naked rat-like tail and they strong “musky” odor that is released from their urine. They are about the size of a large rat and are covered in a waterproof brown fur that is peppered with longer, coarser guard hairs. The muskrat’s tail is flattened vertically and is long. Adapted to living large amounts of time in water they have folds of skin between their toes, and lips that close behind their teeth- to keep water out of their mouths while feeding underwater.

muskrat with grass in its mouth

Are muskrats dangerous?

The most significant damage that muskrats cause is building burrows in the slopes of waterways. Their burrows cause structural damage to the banks, weaken them, and cause them to become ineffective at holding in water, leading to floods. They are also problematic because they will use their sharp front incisors to cut through the bark of a tree, shrub, or landscaping plant causing damage or death to the plant. They also feed on and damage agricultural crops. Muskrats are territorial and the musky odor their urine emits is very unpleasant to deal with.

Why do I have a muskrat problem?

Muskrats are social and live together in large groups. If you have one destructive muskrat on or near your property, it is important to understand that there will most likely be many more. Properties located near or with ponds or other waterways are most susceptible to a problem with muskrats.

Where will I find muskrats?

Muskrats often invade agricultural drainage ditches where there is easy access to both food and water. They also regularly inhabit:

  • Marshes
  • Swamps
  • Wetlands

They prefer areas with at least 4-6 inches of water. Muskrats are nocturnal though they do tend to be most active in the late afternoon and around dusk. 

How do I get rid of muskrats?

Getting rid of muskrats from your yard, home, or business is best left up to a professional. The professionals at Amco Pest Solutions will provide you with the year-round solutions needed to get rid of muskrats and prevent their return. Whether you are looking to get rid of a current muskrat infestation or prevent future problems with muskrats our family-owned and operated company is here to help.

Our professionals are committed to providing the pest control services needed to help home and business owners keep their properties free of muskrats and other common pests.

Amco Pest Solutions provides residential pest control and commercial pest control services throughout New Jersey, the Five Borough of New York, and South Florida. Reach out today to learn more about our effective muskrat control solutions!

How can I prevent muskrats in the future?

Muskrats live, breed, and feed outside making them a difficult pest to prevent from living on or near your property. The best way to handle muskrats and remove an infestation is through trapping. Both the trapping and removal of muskrats are best handled by a trained professional. At the first sign of muskrats on your property, contact the professionals at Amco Pest Solutions immediately!


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