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Infestation is much more than an annoyance. Insects and rodents can threaten your health and well-being, do serious damage to your home and even drive customers away from your business.

For more than 50 years, customers all over New York City have trusted AMCO Pest Services for solutions. Our highly trained professionals have extensive knowledge in pest behavior and habits. We can pinpoint where they live and breed and explain why they’re attracted to your residence or business.

We stay abreast of the latest and safest technology for pest elimination, and our treatments prevent them from returning.

We have comprehensive experience with these and other common pests in the area.

Our Pest Control Services in NYC Include:


Since no two species are alike, only a professional who can readily identify a variety of ants is qualified to treat them.

Some, such as pavement ants, can contaminate food. Pharaoh ants eat just about anything and have been known to spread infection in hospitals. Fire ants have a strong, painful sting. They're aggressive and don’t hesitate to attack when threatened, usually when their mounds are disturbed.

Carpenter ants are especially problematic. They are wood-destroying insects, and their structural damage can be devastating.

Other ants just drive homeowners crazy in the kitchen. Our baits are deadly to ants but safe for humans.

Bed Bugs

To say that bed bugs are disgusting is putting it nicely.

They're nocturnal creatures that have a fondness for human blood, and they reproduce and mature by leaps and bounds. Just one pregnant bed bug entering your home could quickly multiply to several generations. Bed bug bites may cause swelling, redness and a tormenting itch.

Although bed bugs aren’t known to transmit disease, they make a huge mess. Excrement and egg casings litter furniture, bedding and baseboards.

Most pesticides are ineffective against bed bugs. Let AMCO handle the special heat treatment that eliminates them.

Bees and Wasps

As pollinators of flowering plants, stinging insects are highly beneficial to the ecosystem. By some estimates, they’re responsible for one out of every three bites of food that we eat. Certain species, such as the honeybee, are protected by law. Proper identification is a critical part of the removal process.

Bearing that in mind, bee and wasp stings can be life-threatening to people who are allergic. That’s why it’s so important to leave nest removal to the experts. We can identify the particular species and choose the most effective treatment protocol.

Carpenter bees tunnel into wood. They damage ceilings, porches, wood siding and windowsills. They also leave unsightly defecation tracks.

Treating their tunnel openings, usually after dark, repels carpenter bees. After a few days, the holes can be refilled and painted over.


Rats, mice, squirrels and other rodents seek the food, shelter and warmth that your home or office provides. They’re good at getting in through incredibly tiny spaces.

They often carry diseases and bite when disturbed or threatened. They gnaw obsessively on food debris, wood and wiring; rodents are often to blame for electrical fires. Swimming pools, ponds and landscaping are fair game for their activities.

Getting rid of rodents is a job for experts who understand their behavior and can locate their entry points.


These wood-destroying insects seek food and moisture, and they often do significant damage to a structure before the infestation is noticed.

Our thorough inspection will locate cracks in your foundation, small gaps in plumbing and other entry points. We use the top pesticide brands in the industry to eliminate termites and prevent their return.

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