Other Commercial Properties We Treat

AMCO is a reputable name in the pest-control industry. We strive to offer our clients the highest level of service at affordable rates. Our company has been serving the needs of clients in this area for a long time, and we have a good track record with our commercial customers. Many of these clients operate out of commercial office spaces. Our customers appreciate our ability to work quickly and safely without the need to shut down any business operations. This is convenient and effective for our clients. The staff at AMCO is experienced with a variety of different industries, and we...
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Not Afraid of Ghosts? You'll Be Afraid of These Pests!

You've probably watched movies that have ghosts in them as well as critters that seem like they are from another planet. If you're not afraid of ghosts and aliens, you might be afraid of some of the pests that make their way into your home during the year. One pest that you want to take seriously is the spider. There are a few spiders that are harmless and just like eating insects around the house. However, there are some spiders that can bite and cause severe illnesses and even death. One is the black widow. As the name implies, this is...
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Top 5 Movies Featuring Scary Bugs

Over the years, filmmakers have produced a variety of movies featuring creepy crawlers. Some of them were noteworthy only for their inane plots, poor acting and unintentional humor. Others, however, could inspire stomach-turning revulsion and leave audiences squirming in their seats. Narrowing the list to just the top five movies featuring scary bugs can be a challenging task, and like any subjective task, there are sure to be those who disagree with the inclusion or exclusion of a favorite flick. Nevertheless, we humbly and courageously submit our list of the best examples of movies featuring scary roaches, spiders, bees and ants....
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Preparing for Fall Pests

With fall around the corner, it's a good time to start prepping for stubborn pest infestations. As temperatures cool down, insect pests and rodents go on the move and look for places to hunker down for the fall and the winter seasons. If you fail to shield your home, you could come face-to-face with mice and various bugs in your living spaces for several months. Amco Pest Services has a few tips to get you started on pest-proofing your home. 4 Tips to Prepare for Fall Pests Put your house on lock-down If you notice any open vents or doors leading...
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Restaurant Pest Control Tips and Tricks

The development of issues with insects and other pests is a huge concern for many restaurant owners. The existence of these pests within your restaurant can affect the health of your customers and your very reputation as a business owner. While this can be a very serious issue, there are a few tips you can follow to help reduce the likelihood of being affected by pests in your restaurant. Train Your Staff Your staff should be aware of how to detect the signs of any pests that might be able to find their way into your restaurant. Employees who have direct...
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