3 Advantages to Pest-Proofing This Winter

The summer has come and gone and left the door open for the cool days of winter. Though some pests have disappeared for the winter season, others are coming out to play and to look for new places to call home. Your pest-fighting days aren't over just because the temperatures have dropped. If you don't want to deal with nuisance insects and rodents this season, it's time to winterize your home. 3 Reasons to Pest-Proof for Winter You won't have a pest outbreak in the spring. Overwintering pests invade homes to escape from the coming winter season. Though some will remain...
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For last minute Holiday decorating call AMCO

If you're like most of us, you could use several extra hours a day to prep for the holidays. Save your sanity and leave more time for your loved ones by getting a little professional help -- seasonal lighting help, that is. The friendly staff at our sister-company, Christmas Decor by AMCO are well-trained and experienced at all things holiday lighting, so let us handle these time-consuming tasks while you focus on more important things. Light Up Your Holidays with Expert Christmas Lighting Installation Brightly lit homes give any street a festive appeal. If you love the look of Christmas lights...
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Where Do Bees Go in the Winter?

Bees are sensitive to the weather, and they may seem to disappear as the temperatures drops during the cold winter months. However, the absence of the hive does not mean that they are gone for good. Bees are clever, and they can survive when the situation demands it. The resourcefulness of these insects is impressive, and understanding their survival strategy can also help people who are unsure if a hive around their home is safe to remove. Clustering for Winter The location of the honeycomb is only part of the hive’s survival strategy. The bees will not be visible to most...
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Don't Let Pests Come to Your Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day gatherings bring people together for food, football and good times. When pests interrupt your holiday, it can turn the mood in an instant. Whether it's insect pests or mice, keeping out unwanted pests is the key to enjoying your Thanksgiving Day festivities. How to Prevent Pests at Thanksgiving Although the coming winter sends pests for shelter in New Jersey and New York, they'll come out from hiding when the conditions are right. Warm interiors bring roaches and rodents into your living areas where they contaminate your food and surfaces. If you want to stop pests from invading your space,...
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Top Three Things That Restaurant Owners Should Know About Pest Control

While residential pest infestations are unpleasant to deal with, infestations that happen in restaurants can become dangerous. According to the 2014 report released by the Centers for Disease Control, the United States dealt with 864 foodborne diseases. These diseases caused around 13,000 people to fall ill that year with 712 of them becoming sick enough to require hospitalization. Twenty-one people died and 21 food recalls occurred because of pests. Of these outbreaks, 65 percent of them happened at sit-down dining establishments. So, what are the top three things that restaurant owners need to know about pest control? Owners should know what...
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