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Since 1962, Amco Pest Solutions has been taking calls for pest control services in Union County. With its close proximity to New York City and several bodies of water, this New Jersey county is susceptible to a wide array of pests. Regular pest control is an important issue for all homeowners, landlords and business owners. These are some of the most destructive local pests.


The tiny ants that march in lines toward your baseboards are capable of building colonies behind walls or under your home. They can enter through the tiniest cracks along doors and windows, and they are known to target food supplies. Carpenter ants are also problematic. They are larger but can chew through wood and wreak havoc on furniture, eaves and even support beams in your home. Our professionals know how to find and remove any type of ant colony.


These pests have been growing in numbers throughout Union County for the past decade. They are easily transmitted on clothing, in luggage and even in a child's backpack. If you have an infestation, you may unknowingly spread bedbugs to your workplace, your child's school and even your friends' homes. Bedbugs are flat, round and brown. These tiny pests feed off of blood and leave red bumps in a straight row when they bite. You may notice reddish dirt-like excrement, shed exoskeletons or a musky smell if you have an infestation. They tend to hide under mattresses, on furniture and in carpet. Since bedbugs reproduce quickly, are elusive and can live months without a blood meal, they are hard to eliminate.


These stinging pollinators may be a nuisance and even a health hazard if you are allergic to them. If you are a business owner, they pose a threat to your customers. However, bees are vital to our food supply and should not be killed. If you have a bee problem, there is likely a hive nearby. Our professionals can find it and safely relocate it to a place where it will not put you or those around you at risk of being stung.


Wasps can live in nests that are commonly found under eaves, in trees or in other places on your property. Some live in the ground. Their stings are painful. Wasps can ruin your outdoor plans for the summer if their colonies grow too large. Never try to remove a wasp nest or spray it with wasp spray. Many people injure themselves or are badly stung trying to do this. Our professionals can safely remove wasp nests.


Rats and mice are two of the most common rodents in Union County. Rat urine may contain listeria. The main risk with both pests is their urine and feces, which can carry several diseases and can create odors in your home or business. Also, rodent pests chew through food containers. Possums and raccoons are also common. They can carry rabies and will bite if provoked. While most of them visit to ravage your trash bins, others may take up residence under your porch.


Both drywood and dampwood termites cause extensive damage. Drywood termites can enter a building through cracks along doors or windows, and they are known for eating anything from wood beams and furniture to wallpaper. Dampwood termites usually eat trees, rotting stumps and shrubs. However, they will eat wood in a home if it there is moisture. Subterranean termites are very destructive and can cause thousands of dollars in damage within weeks. Piles of wings, gnawed wood and dirt tubes along outside walls are signs of termites.

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