Pest Control & Exterminators in Warren County, NJ

Since 1962, AMCO Pest Services has been providing reliable, highly skilled pest control services in New Jersey and New York. AMCO receives many pest control service calls from individuals and businesses alike in Warren County because of our superior knowledge of controlling and exterminating many different types of pests that are commonly found in the area. Our highly skilled technicians understand what to look for and how to handle what they find. With our knowledge and experience, AMCO is a terrific choice when you are searching for a pest control company for your home, business or apartment complex.

Common types of pests in Warren County

While our technicians are able to deal with many different types of pests, there are some specific pests that are the most common in Warren County, including ants, bed bugs, bees, wasps, rodents and termites. Here is what you need to know about each common pest type.

Ant Control

There are many kinds of ants that may invade homes and businesses in Warren County, including carpenter, Argentine, pavement, acrobat, pharaoh, ghost, fire, crazy and odorous house ants. Each of these ant species has its own preferred habitat and nesting area. Some species of ants, including carpenter ants, may cause structural damage to your home or business and should be promptly addressed. Our professionals are able to identify your ant species, eliminate the issue and control for ants so that you don't have problems with them in the future. We start by identifying the source of the problem and then using bait that is nontoxic to humans. The ants carry the bait back to their nests so that the entire colony is eliminated. Our preventative services can then be used to prevent ants from returning to your home or business. To learn more about our ant control service, click here.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can cause real problems when they invade homes, motels and apartment buildings. These nocturnal pests are blood-sucking. While they do not cause disease, they do cause people to suffer from itchy, red and raised welts, anxiety, stress and insomnia. Bed bugs may be found anywhere, including five-star hotels ranging to low-income motel rooms. They may be carried on your luggage or clothing from other locations and then invade your home. They also may travel on used furniture that you bring into your home. Bed bugs are the most difficult type of pest to get rid of and to control. We may need to use multiple heat treatments and pesticides to help you to eliminate the problem and to prevent its return, and a professional is necessary when you are dealing with a bed bug problem. To learn more about our bed bug control service, click here.

Bees and Wasps

Stinging insect infestations of bees and wasps can be life-threatening to people due to the prevalence of allergies to them. They may also be dangerous to people who are not allergic because they can aggressively sting people repeatedly in groups. It is highly important that you get the help of a professional technician from AMCO Pest Services if you are dealing with an infestation of wasps or bees. It is important that the species you have is properly identified because some types are protected. After identification, we can then use methods to properly control them for you. To learn more about our bee & wasp control service, click here.


There are a number of different types of rodents that infest homes and businesses in Warren County, including mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, voles, beavers and guinea pigs. Some rodents, such as rats, are very unsanitary and spread disease. Others may cause damage to wood, wiring and drywall. They may contaminate food and bite people who come into contact with them. Rodents love to seek shelter during the winter months in homes and businesses, and they are a primary pest issue for many people. Your AMCO pest services technician can find where rodents are hiding in your home and then use the appropriate control and extermination methods to rid your home or business of them. To learn more about our rodent control service, click here.


Termites can cause substantial damage to your home or business. These insects may swarm, and they can cause structural damage. You may identify a termite infestation by the wings that they shed, the mud tubes that they leave on walls or by seeing swarms of them flying. Our professionals start by eliminating the termite problem that you have. We identify any damage that they have caused in order to repair it. We also can use methods to treat the ground surrounding your property so that the termites do not return. To learn more about our termite control service, click here.

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If you are dealing with these pests or others, we can help. Call AMCO Pest Services today for all of your pest control needs.