A Step-By-Step Guide To Spider Control For New Jersey Property Owners

July 22, 2020

We all know someone who’s deathly afraid of spiders, and who can blame them? These carnivorous pests creep around on the ground and walls and are known to bite people. While most common varieties of spiders aren’t particularly dangerous, we can all save the arachnophobes in our lives from a terrible fright if we keep up on proper pest prevention techniques.

a house spider on a wall

Common Spiders In Our Area

The most common spiders to invade our properties aren’t deadly. Most household spiders are non-aggressive to people and pets and they aren’t known to spread dangerous diseases or parasites. However, spiders in the home are often a sign of a larger pest infestation, since arachnids feed off of small insects. The following are some of the most common varieties of spiders that are found in the area:

  • House spiders: While this category actually includes several subspecies of spiders, this group includes the ones we typically think of when we picture non-threatening household spiders. They are brown or dark-colored and their bites do little more than cause an itchy spot. They can, however, spin lots and lots of webs all around a property.
  • Yellow sac spiders: So-called for the small, silky sacs that they leave in corners or high on walls, these spiders are aggressive. While their bites aren’t lethal, they produce a painful sting. Yellow sac spiders are easily provoked. 
  • Wolf spiders: As large, hairy spiders that don’t spin webs, these nocturnal arachnids are fierce hunters of insects and smaller spiders. While they don’t typically bite humans, they pack a big punch with their large mandibles and are truly frightening in appearance. They are similar in appearance to tarantulas.

Spider & Pest Prevention

Spiders only move onto a property to pursue their insect prey. That means that proper spider prevention includes general pest prevention. Reducing the things that attract other insects into your home will put you a step ahead on keeping spider infestations to a minimum. Be sure to do the following:

  • Food & trash storage: The biggest attractant of foraging pests is discarded or improperly stored food. Make sure to use sturdy, resealable packaging for leftovers, and securely bag and bin your trash both in your kitchen and outside of the house.
  • Sweeping webs: Spiders spin webs for feeding, resting and reproducing in. Disturbing these will discourage spiders from taking up residence on your property. Be sure to use a long broom or tool so as not to risk bites.
  • Moisture control: Another thing that attracts bugs inside is pooling water or moisture buildup. Proper ventilation, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, can mitigate this. Removing or draining standing water out in your yard is another good step.

More Prevention Tips & Tricks

With tiny bugs, no crack or hole is too small to gain entry to your home or business. Regularly inspect the exterior of your property for cracks and holes. Sealing these up will reduce access points for spiders and their prey. Check all of the following areas for holes or faults:

  • Windows & Doors: Make sure that they properly fit their frames and thresholds. Door sweeps and screens can help keep bugs out, but these need to be inspected regularly, too.
  • Foundation: Spiders prefer dark areas like those found in basements, so cracks in the foundation or walls of your home provide them with easy access to these damp, dark places where they can lie in wait.
  • Wood storage & clutter: Many spiders prefer woody environments, so having firewood or other wood materials stored too close to your property will provide a haven for spiders to hide in. Generally reducing clutter around your yard and home will reduce harborage points for spiders and other pests.

Trust Amco Pest Solutions

Proper pest prevention isn’t easy. That’s why there are professional resources available to help you tackle all the prevention and treatment steps that you need to keep spiders, and the bugs they eat, away from your property. At Amco Pest Solutions, we can not only give you more advice or assistance for proper spider control, but we provide thorough inspections and treatments for properties. That way, you know that a trained pair of eyes has identified all of the problem areas of your home or business, and the right solutions have been matched to the problem. For total peace of mind, and to protect those who scare easily, turn to Amco Pest Solutions for total spider control.

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