Are Termites Targeting The Wood In Your Home?

February 27, 2018

Termites, like many other insects, enjoy the finer things in life. Unfortunately, the finer things they are searching for can be located within your own walls. Termites prefer different types of wood and are always seeking those specific wood types out. If you have the wood types we describe below, you may want to check over and make sure termites are not making their way into your home.

Subterranean termites usually make their homes in the soil underground. Because of this, they love to munch on soft, springwood fiber. The wood they damage typically has a honeycombed appearance with only the grain of the wood left behind. 

Drywood termites, like their name suggests, live in Drywood. They are unique in the fact that they do not to be in contact with soil in order to survive. Drywood colonies target the wood in your home’s structural timbers, framing, furniture, or even hardwood flooring. Drywood colonies will leave the wood they attack looking clean and smooth, almost as if the wood had been smoothed with sandpaper. 

Formosan termites are the most destructive of any termites species. These colonies require soil contact to receive moisture that they need to survive. Because they need moisture from the soil, these termites make nests inside their colony made of chewed wood, soil, and undigested cellulose.

If you have these types of wood around your home and suspect that termites may be making their way into your wood, call AMCO Pest. They are the experts on termites and can rid your home of these pests in no time!

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