Bed Bugs Treatment: What Can Help?

June 25, 2019

Bed bugs are a well-known and much despised pest for both home and business owners all over the world. These tiny, teething terrors can lay their eggs and make their homes anywhere humans choose to work and relax. That’s right; bed bugs don’t only hang out on beds despite their name. So it’s completely understandable that you’d want to cut down on your chances of ever having to deal with them. Luckily, there are some bed bug treatments you can do yourself to prevent or reduce bed bug infestations in your home or office! 


This is generally a good rule of thumb for anyone hoping to keep a clean and bug-free living space. Vacuuming can be very effective in the fight against bed bugs. Try to get into every nook and cranny possible, including the underside of furniture, any wall gaps, and on your mattress itself. It is extremely important to throw the contents of your vacuum away in a tightly sealed trash bag in an outside garbage can once you’re finished. If you don’t, your bed bug treatment recipients will quite literally crawl right back into your home or office. 

Put Pillows, Cushions And Bedsheets On Ice 

Yes, you’re reading that correctly! Throwing your bedsheets, pillows, pillow covers and other sleeping or lounging gear in the freezer in a sealed plastic bag can help with your bed bug issues. But admittedly, this isn’t the most practical bed bug treatment for several reasons. First, your freezer must be frigidly cold, and you have to leave your stuff in there for 4 days! As long as you don’t mind resting on a bare bed or sofa that might still be harboring bed bugs, you may be able to give this a shot.

However, it must be stressed that this remedy is in no way a complete or permanent solution to your infestation problems. It’s merely a way to reduce bed bug numbers and prevent your situation from getting even worse. Still, it’s nice to know that bed bug treatments like these can help. With enough time and the right temperature, you can push the pause button on these pesky pests.

Turn Up The Heat

If freezing them out doesn’t suit you, raising the temperature can help as well! Throwing your washer on high heat spells doom for bed bugs, their larvae and their eggs. Steam cleaners can do the trick too, but be careful not to burn yourself! Again, you shouldn’t expect this to solve your bed bug problems, but it will definitely help in keeping their population from growing. 

Wash Bedding And Furniture Covers Regularly 

Even if you’ve frozen your sheets, pillows or cushions for days on end, you should be washing your bedding and furniture covers on a regular basis. Keeping any surfaces and objects that you regularly use clean and tidy prevents a great number of problems, not the least of which will be potential infestations. The more cluttered you let your living space become, the harder it is to identify and fight insect invasions of any sort. So the first step to consider when attempting a bed bug treatment: keep all of your spaces spotless!

For a much more comprehensive and permanent solution… 

Call AMCO For Professional Bed Bug Treatment

The crew at AMCO Pest Solutions, Inc. knows how to handle your bed bug issues. After all, we’ve been in the bug-busting business for almost a century. You can trust us to deliver bed bug treatments that will leave your home or office free of these horrible hatchlings once and for all. Contact us today for a free estimate for our bed bug extermination services! 





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