Don’t Underestimate The Dangers Of Cockroaches In Your Miami-Dade County Home

July 15, 2020

Few pests are as unsightly or troublesome as the cockroach. Not only are they gross to look at and encounter, contributing to filth and odor, but cockroaches can introduce dangerous diseases and parasites to a property. Knowing how to protect your Miami property from an infestation is incredibly important and can not only save time but lives.

an american cockroach crawling in a kitchen

Common Cockroaches To Find In The Home

Cockroaches are a common pest the world over, thriving in a wide swath of environments, from harsh and remote to urban and temperate. In Florida, cockroaches not only survive year-round, they absolutely boom in our warm, moist climate. Knowing which common cockroach varieties to keep an eye out for may just clue you into an infestation early:

  • American cockroach: The largest variety of roach in the world, these brown or reddish-colored bugs are easily identified by the figure-8 shape on the back of their heads.
  • German cockroach: While smaller than their american cousins, the German cockroach is the most abundant in the world. Notable by the dark, horizontal dash marks found on their backs, German cockroaches are brown or yellow in color.
  • Florida woods cockroach: Known by the common name of “palmetto bug,” these roaches are black in color and often mistaken for Oriental cockroaches. They have underdeveloped wings that cannot be used to fly, unlike other cockroach varieties.

Dangerous Invaders

Knowing how to spot cockroaches is important, but you’re probably more interested in what a roach infestation can mean for your property and your bottom line. Well, cockroaches are far more than a mere nuisance. An infestation can lead to all of the following problems and potential dangers:

  • Disease: Cockroaches are known as some of the most dangerous pests in the world, not because they bite or are venomous but because they can spread some deadly illnesses and parasites. Not only do roaches crawl around germ-ridden areas and then spread these pathogens around the home, their bodies are also uniquely designed to carry dander, dust and bacteria.
  • Allergies: Since particles stick so easily to their hairy bodies, the mere presence of cockroaches in a building can cause serious allergic reactions. This is especially true of those in vulnerable populations, like the elderly or immuno-compromised. 
  • Contamination: As they forage around for food and water, cockroaches can chew through packaging and leave their eggs behind in the places where we store food. This contamination leads to lost groceries and, therefore, lost money.
  • Odors: Cockroaches live in squalor and they don’t clean up after themselves. Not only do their discarded skin sheds, egg sacs and fecal matter stink up a place, but some varieties even secrete odorous chemicals that can pervade a home or business.
  • Stains: Cockroaches leave behind disgusting red or brown streaks as they crawl around floors, countertops and walls. These can stain household materials, causing damage to potentially irreplaceable household items.

Professional Help From Amco

If they were easy to get rid of, cockroach infestations might be a more approachable and solvable problem for property owners. The problem is that roaches have adapted to survive almost any extermination method, so only the pros stay up-to-date on the treatments and baits that actually work. Rather than risk the dangers and nuisances that accompany a roach infestation, trust the experts at Amco Pest Solutions to quickly and properly control a pest problem. You can trust that not only will we get rid of roaches, we’ll help you implement methods that make sure the problem doesn’t come right back.

Don’t let a manageable roach problem grow into an unmanageable and dangerous infestation. Whether a cockroach problem has already taken hold, or if you just want to get started on proactive inspection and prevention, call Amco to get started today.

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