Fall And Winter Pest Management – Common Cold Weather Invaders

November 26, 2019

Now that we are in the thick of fall, and winter is just a few short weeks away, a variety of pests from bugs to rodents are looking for a warm place to hunker down during the colder weather. You may have already started to see some evidence of their presence around your home. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to simply dispose of the first few invaders, thinking once the really cold winter weather settles in, pest management won’t necessary. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Bugs are cold-blooded creatures which means their body temperatures fluctuate with their environment. The cold temperatures will slow them down. If they get cold enough they can even die. However, death is usually avoided as they find warm places to hide, which is why you may see them in your home when the temperature begins to drop. As the weather gets colder and food sources are scarcer, some go into hibernation, conserving energy to survive the winter. Implementing pest management now will eliminate the home invaders, resulting in a reduction in their population come spring. Without proactive cold weather pest management, you could experience an infestation when the weather warms up.

Here are some common bugs and rodents to keep an eye out for. If you suspect they’ve decided to spend the winter in your home, it’s time to call pest management professionals.

Stink Bugs 

These shield-shaped insects get their name from the unpleasant odor they release when threatened. While you may normally just notice a few, stink bugs often stage mass invasions in the fall. Whether you find them on the sunny side of your home’s exterior or inside the house, it’s important to take the proper precautions to prevent further infestation. If you find large numbers of live or dead stink bugs, a telltale sign of an infestation, you should immediately call a pest management professional. They can assess the severity of the problem and help to identify the access points to seal and prevent further infiltration of this invasive species. 

Cluster Flies 

Cluster flies and other types of flies search for warm shelter to survive the winter as the temperatures drop. Once inside, cluster flies typically hide and are basically harmless. However, they can come out in large numbers and become a nuisance. The key is to prevent them from getting inside in the first place. Seal all cracks, crevices, and other access points through which cluster flies can enter your home. Make sure all windows and doors are kept closed and that your home’s screens are in good condition. You may want to use an insecticide spray on the outside of your home to discourage flies from clustering. The best solution is to call a reputable pest management company. They will know exactly what to do to keep the flies away. 

Box Elder Bugs  

Like the flies and stink bugs, these insects also often end up in your home, seeking a place to survive the winter. Box elder bugs typically hide in cracks and crevices to insulate themselves from the cooler temperatures and can become a nuisance when gathered in large numbers.  
While they aren’t known to bite, your skin can be punctured by their piercing mouth if handled. Like a mosquito bite, this can cause slight irritation and a red spot. Similar to a stink bug, when threatened or crushed, they sometimes produce a strong, unpleasant odor. Also, their droppings can leave reddish-orange stains that can damage the fabric surfaces in your home. To help prevent this, identify and seal all access points. To ensure that box elder bugs or any other insects don’t become an issue, schedule a consultation with a pest management company.  

Mice And Other Rodents 

Various rodents can find their way into your home to keep warm in the winter, including squirrels and raccoons. However, mice and rats are the most common rodents to invade your home as the temperature drops. They usually nest in dark, secluded areas like attics and basements. These rodents are more than a nuisance. They can carry diseases and parasites such as salmonella and tapeworms. If they get into your food, they can contaminate it. These rodents can also cause serious property damage, chewing through drywall and electrical wires. Mice and rats can slip through the smallest of openings, so it is crucial that all access points are sealed. If you still see evidence of their presence such as droppings or chewed food packaging, You should call a pest management professional immediately.

Pest Management Experts 

If you have an insect or rodent issue, we’ve to go you covered. When you call Amco Pest Solutions you can feel confident knowing that for over sixty-five years, home and business owners in New York and New Jersey have trusted us to protect their health, reputation, and biggest investment.

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