Four Myths About Miami-Dade County Bed Bugs You May Still Believe

April 14, 2021

While the information age we live in can be useful, the internet also offers a lot of false information and phony remedies for common problems. When it comes to pests like bed bugs, misinformation can not only increase your chances of an infestation, it can wind up costing you more money to fix the problem. That’s why it’s important to look directly to professional resources for correct tips and details. Here are some of the most common myths and misconceptions you’ll find about bed bugs.

bed bug crawling on pillow

Myth: Bed Bugs Are Only Found Certain Places

Because of their name, people mistakenly think that bed bugs are only found in mattresses or inside of box springs. In reality, they can infest a wide range of areas in a home or business, like closets, furniture, and upholstery. People also tend to think that bed bugs only target dirty properties, but the truth is that these parasitic pests aren’t all that picky. As for hitchhiking pests, they tend to gather in hotspot areas like hotels and transit hubs, latching onto clothing or items that people then introduce to their own homes and workplaces. That’s why everyone needs to make sure they're taking proper pest prevention measures around their property, including regular inspections in all the places bed bugs like to hide.

Myth: Bed Bugs Spread Disease

While bed bugs are undoubtedly disgusting with their parasitic feeding and the itchy bites that result, they are actually less dangerous than most other parasitic pests. Unlike mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, bed bugs aren’t known to spread any diseases. However, bed bugs can be far more difficult than other pests to truly eliminate, meaning they stick around longer and the welts they leave behind can cause extreme discomfort and loss of sleep. Some people and pets even experience allergic reactions to bed bug saliva, worsening the already itchy effects of these gross bugs.

Myth: Bed Bugs Are Too Small To See

While bed bugs are incredibly small, typically smaller than an apple seed, they can be spotted by the naked eye. They are small, reddish-brown insects that are far easier to detect on light-colored fabrics or materials. That said, bed bugs are nocturnal, feeding on large hosts while we sleep. During the day they tend to rest and see to the incubation needs of their eggs, so you’re not likely to see them crawling around during the times of day when you’d be awake to notice them. That’s why, unfortunately, bites are often the first and only signs of bed bugs. If you notice them, you should seek professional help right away, because elimination isn’t something you can guarantee on your own.

Myth: You Can Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own

You can find all kinds of home-brewed solutions for eliminating bed bugs, especially if you look online. The problem is that most of these methods won’t address the root of your bed bug problem. Even things that work to kill a few dozen bed bugs will likely do nothing to the eggs that have yet to hatch. That means bed bugs will quickly replenish their population and you’ll have wasted time and money on a solution that didn’t really work. Worse, bed bugs can migrate to other areas, where they may be harder to get at and adequately address. That’s why the best course of action for bed bug control is to turn directly to pest professionals.

True Control From Amco Pest Solutions

With so much false information floating around, and with pests that are as easy to pick up as bed bugs, you really should seek expert guidance for all your pest control needs. At Amco Pest Solutions, we know all the places bed bugs like to hide and we utilize effective and safe treatments that are guaranteed to get rid of the infestation. Don’t waste time or money that could be spent on proper bed bug protection by going it alone or turning to internet searches. Instead, contact Amco Pest Solutions today. 

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