Four Signs Your New Jersey Property Has A Termite Problem

April 28, 2021

Some pests are as hazardous as they come. When it comes to pests that chew through structural woods and can’t be easily eliminated, termites are second to none. The only way to avoid termite damage is to prevent colonies from forming in the first place, so it’s important to learn how you can improve your odds.

termite crawling on wood

Termites: What You Should Know

Most people already know that termites are wood-boring pests that can do big damage to homes and businesses. As pests that burrow through the ground and chew through all the wood they can find, termites are certainly not welcome on most properties. But did you know that termites can be beneficial to the environment? Their underground tunnels can assist in aerating plants’ roots and delivering water quickly. While they can be harmful to plants, termites can help some kinds of crops by enriching the soil with their droppings and eliminating subterranean debris that can choke plant roots. Despite their positive side effects, termites on your property should be treated as dangerous and unwanted pests.

Why It’s Tough To Spot Termites

Unfortunately, termites are often difficult to spot before the evidence of their activity is obvious, which means that extensive damage has likely already occurred. Termites avoid the light of the sun at all costs because their eyes are hypersensitive to light. That means they stick to their subterranean tunnels or to woods that are far away from the surface. Unlike other types of wood-boring pests, termites don’t leave holes behind that can be easily seen by routine inspections. It’s also important to realize that termites use a caste system like ants do, meaning the reproductive members of a colony are usually hidden deep inside of their nesting tunnels. Even if you manage to spot a few adult termites, you likely won’t be able to get at the termites that spawn the problem. It’s important to have professionals inspect your property for signs of termites or things that might attract them and leave it to them to properly address the problem.

Signs Of Termites

While it’s important to note that termite damage is tough to spot until it’s too late, it’s also still important to act fast if you do notice any tell-tale signs of termite activity. Call professionals if you notice any of the following:

  1. Bulging Woods: As termites chew through the pulpy cores of wooden materials, the surface warps accordingly. This results in bulging or drooping segments of walls and floors. 
  2. Windows & Doors: Another side effect of termite damage is suddenly tight or loose-fitting doors and windows. Their frames often shift along with wall panels to result in non-functioning doors or glass panes.
  3. Swarmers & Shed Wings: As colonies, mature termites will send out reproductive swarmers. Seeing these flying termites, or their shed wings is a sure sign that an infestation is underway.
  4. Frass & Clicking: Less common signs of termites include finding powdery sawdust-like frass or hearing a faint clicking within the walls that signals termite activity.
    If you notice one or more of these signs it is important to contact professionals right away.

Don’t Waste Time Or Money

Because termites are so notorious for their destructive ways, it’s up to every property owner to make sure that they take the threat of a termite colony seriously. A colony left unchecked can not only wind up costing you, it can end up costing your neighbors as colonies grow across property lines and become even more difficult to fully eliminate. That’s why it’s best to turn directly to pest experts who know all the ways to protect your yard and structures from termite activity. At Amco Pest Solutions, we can offer you tips and tricks on how to prevent termites and other invasive pests during an inspection of your property. Whether you need early prevention or fast removal of existing pest populations, Amco Pest Solutions has effective treatments.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to address termite problems, contact the professionals today.

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