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December 31, 2018

What To Expect During Your Free Termite Inspection? 

  1. A careful inspection of exterior porches, doors, window facings, baseboards and hardwood flooring. Our technicians are always careful not to deface finished wood when probing. 
  2. An examination of all known or suspected joints, cracks or expansion joints in the foundation, as well as any unusual blistering in paint or wallboard surfaces. Discoloration or staining on walls or ceilings may indicate water leaks that can decay wood and aid termite infestation. 
  3. The Extra Mile inspection where plumbing or utility pipes enter the foundation or flooring. We will also check the floor covering for raised or split areas. It is important that we carefully examine the plumbing, particularly in bathrooms on slab construction. 
  4. Finally, we will examine areas underneath or close to earth-filled porches, patios, planters, and bathrooms for water leakage and termite damage. 

How Can Amco Protect My Home From Termites Or Treat An Active Infestation? 

We always begin with a thorough inspection of your property for signs of termites. Amco utilizes conventional treatment methods such as liquid termiticides, like Termidor, to treat active infestations.

We are also Certified Sentricon Specialists. Sentricon is the number one brand in termite protection for a home. This termite baiting system is strategically installed around the home with in-ground bait stations. If termites are present and feed upon the bait within the system they will share it with others in the colony, killing off the colony.

Termites are not a do-it-yourself pest project. Proper identification is necessary before treating your home for termites. Leave this to a professional.

If you suspect you may have a termite infestation or any other home pest control or commercial pest control concerns, call Amco Pest Control at (877) 534-2847 or complete our contact form for a FREE Termite Evaluation or Pest Control Estimate. 


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