How Did These Ants Get Into My Miami-Dade County Home?

March 12, 2021

South Florida homeowners recognize that ants are among the most commonly encountered pests in the region. Many different types of ants exist here, many of which will infiltrate your home and begin to expand their colony. Among the many frustrations associated with having these intruders is trying to determine how they are entering your home.

carpenter ant on fruit

Most Common Types Of Ants

In Miami-Dade County, some of the most common include big-headed ants, ghost ants, white-footed ants, carpenter ants, and others. Fortunately, most of the ants that invade homes in this region are not dangerous, but they are a nuisance that can multiply. They will often create indoor nests in discreet locations such as underneath flooring or within interior walls.

What Attracts Ants Indoors?

As with most pests, ants will enter properties when they have access to food, water, and shelter. They tend to quickly invade garbage cans, pet food dishes, and gardens.  Many types such as ghost ants are attracted to any sugary items that are present such as from crumbs or spills.

Points Of Entry For Ants

Based on their very small size, ants are among the most difficult pests to physically prevent from entering a home. Cracks within the foundation of the home often will provide an entry point. Ants can also navigate through small openings such as when windows and doors are insufficiently sealed.
Ants will commonly travel through vents that exist in crawlspaces or other locations. Ants may also be brought into a home within houseplants, firewood, or something stored in a garage that is brought inside.  Ghost ants are among the most difficult to prevent, as they are roughly 1/16 of an inch in size.

Possible Signs Of Ant Intrusion

Aside from actually seeing a group of ants, you should be aware of other indicators of a potential invasion. Look for small mounds of dirt, which resemble those seen outdoors. Wood shavings may be a sign that carpenter ants are creating a nest and they may be faintly heard moving within walls. In most cases, ants are first discovered indoors within kitchens or bathrooms.

Best Practices For Homeowners To Prevent Ants  

Implement the following tips to prevent ants from infiltrating a home:

  • Maintain distance or establish barriers between your home’s foundation and grass, soil, vegetation, tree branches, etc.
  • Properly apply and maintain weather-stripping or sealant near windows, doors, and other openings.
  • Trash bags should be tightly closed before being placed outside in garbage cans and these containers should have a lid that closes properly.
  • Indoor cleaning is among the best means of minimizing intrusions such as by regularly sweeping and vacuuming floors, thoroughly cleaning countertops, and promptly cleaning dirty dishes.

One commonly made mistake by homeowners is trying do-it-yourself home remedies or store-bought sprays or baiting systems. Although these may kill many ants, they will not necessarily eradicate an entire colony. A professional exterminator will eliminate them all and will likely identify their points of entry.

Consider A Customized Home Protection Plan

Homeowners in the greater Miami-Dade County area should consider a comprehensive year-round pest protection plan from Amco Pest Solutions. One of our professionals will visit your home and conduct a thorough inspection to determine any existing pest-related concerns, recognize areas of potential vulnerability, and develop a customized plan. These specialized service plans control many different types of ant such as carpenter, pharaoh, acrobat ants, and many others.

Professional Residential Ant Control In Miami-Dade County

Amco Pest Solutions has been delivering excellent results for Florida property owners for many years now. Part of our success has resulted from closely inspecting each home to develop a tailored pest control plan. For a free estimate and property inspection, contact our team today.

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