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January 28, 2020

Whether you’ve worked hard to curate a killer wardrobe or simply cherish your clothing, it can be upsetting to pull your favorite sweater out of the closet and find it full of holes. Unfortunately, the moths that like to feast on fabric are small enough and tend to hide so they can easily go unnoticed until damage has already been done. Once the evidence has been discovered, it’s time to call a professional moth control service.

clothes moth on a sweater

Identifying The Culprit

While there are numerous species of moths, there are only two species that consider your closet the ultimate destination. These are the webbing clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella), and casemaking clothes moth (Tinea pellionella). Other species tend to eat plants or get into food in your pantry.

The most common fabric-eating moth is the webbing clothes moth. The adult of this species is ¼ inch long and is gold with reddish-golden hairs on the top of its head and a fringe of gold hairs on their wings. Its wingspan is a meager ½ inch, making them weak flyers. Because of this, they typically don’t stray far from infested areas, such as a dark closet.

The other fabric-eating moth is the casemaking clothes moth. Similar in size and appearance to the webbing clothes moth, the casemaking clothes moth’s wings are more brownish and have faint dark-colored spots. Also, the tuft of hairs on its head is lighter than those of the webbing clothes moth.

Steps To Prevent Infestation

The key is to eliminate any eggs the moths have laid. Females of both species lay an average of 40 to 50 eggs during a 2 to 3 week period. Once the egg-laying process is finished, the female dies. In warm weather or well-heated environments, those eggs will hatch in 10 days or less. It may take a bit longer in cooler temperatures.

Depending on the temperature and what kind of food is available, the larvae molt 5 to 45 times. Larvae are shiny white, with a dark head. The larval stage of the clothes moth lasts anywhere from 35 days up to 2 1/2 years and is when they cause the most damage. This damage is typically found in less conspicuous areas – beneath collars or cuffs of clothing, in crevices of upholstered furniture, and in carpeted areas under furniture. Fabrics with food and perspiration are more subject to damage.

If you already have an infestation, the first thing you need to do is call a professional moth control service. In the meantime, here are some things you can do to help eradicate those pesky moths and salvage the rest of your wardrobe. These steps can also help prevent an infestation from happening in the first place.

  • Use your vacuum cleaner to remove any eggs that have been laid. Be sure to either change vacuum bags or clean dirt cups and filters often. This will help ensure that you are removing all eggs and larvae from your home. 

  • Wash or dry-clean all fabrics, soft furnishings, linens, curtains and towels in the affected area – moth larvae enjoy feasting on these as well as your wardrobe.Vacuum and wash down affected closets, cupboards, and drawers. Be sure to get into cracks and crevices where eggs might be hiding. 

  • Clean suitcases, tote bags, and storage containers as eggs or larvae may also be hiding in these. 

  • Maintaining a low humidity level in your home will create an unfavorable environment for clothes moth development.  

  • Regularly check fabrics and closets for clothes moths and any evidence of damage. This will allow you to take action before a small problem becomes a full-blown infestation. 

  • Older buildings that tend to have more cracks and crevices are more vulnerable to clothes moth infestation. Taking steps to seal these, in addition to good housekeeping practices, can also be effective in preventing an infestation.

Hire A Professional Moth Control Service

If you need help eradicating or preventing a clothes moth infestation, we’ve to go you covered. When you call Amco Pest Solutions you can feel confident knowing that for over sixty-five years, home and business owners in New York and New Jersey have trusted us to protect their health, reputation, and biggest investment.

Our technicians and staff meet and exceed the recommendations of the Quality Pro and National Pest Management Association standards. We will provide you with a free estimate, professional service and the highest level of customer satisfaction. Contact us today for all your residential and commercial pest control solutions at 888-593-4948!

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