Termites: Fun(And Not So Fun!)

February 28, 2018

Termites are some of the world’s creepiest crawlers and can wreck havoc on your home when you least expect it. Many people will admit to being fearful of termites. They say the best way to rid your fears of anything is to learn more about it. So today, we at AMCO Pest would like to offer some very strange facts about termites that will make them seem not so scary anymore! Along with learning more about these insects to face your fear, be sure to call AMCO Pest to learn more about pest prevention.

Termites can look a little scary and they are one of the most detrimental insects that can attack your home. Colonies can grow to thousands in number; because so many are crawling around our world, you will be happy to know some of their strangest “quirks.” 

Did you know that the queen of these colonies can live up to 25 years and is the same size as a standard lead pencil? Did you know that termites never sleep and work their entire lives – 24 hours, 7 days a week! Because termites never sleep they make an abundant amount of methane gas from their own ‘bodily fluids,’ making them stinky little bugs! They are also one of the longest-lasting species; they walked the same ground the dinosaurs did! Along with those facts.

Termites are considered to be delicacies in certain countries around the world, such as Zaire, where they are fried and sold as fast food. Along with that, these insects are also turned into cooking oil in different countries. Termites are actually a good source of protein – in fact, their protein content is higher than the protein content in red meat! 

Now that you know most of the ’embarrassing’ facts about termites – don’t let them prey on your home! If you suspect that these sneaky bugs are milling around your property be sure to call AMCO Pest ASAP! 

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