The Dangerous Diseases Miami-Dade County Mosquitoes Can Spread

September 3, 2021

Mosquitoes are often described as the most dangerous animals in the world because of the diseases they carry and the misery they cause. Mosquitoes can carry Zika virus, malaria, West Nile virus, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, encephalitis, tularemia, dog heartworms, and more. Not every bite spreads disease, but the potential is there. Mosquitoes are now present year-round in this area, too.

mosquito biting a finger

Description Of Mosquitoes In Miami-Dade County

Mosquitoes are a type of fly. The basic mosquito has a dark body, six legs, wings, and the females have a long proboscis they use to pierce the skin of mammals and drink their blood. Females must have a blood meal to produce eggs. Of the 80 or so species of mosquitoes in the area, here are the five worst. 

  • Yellow Fever Mosquito (Aedes aegypti) spreads yellow fever, dengue, chikungunya, and Zika viruses. This mosquito has white legs and the shape of a lyre on its thorax. 

  • Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) spreads dengue, chikungunya, and Zika viruses. They are exotic looking with a single white stripe down the head and back. They also have bands of white all over the body. 

  • Southern House Mosquito (Culex quinquefasciatus) spreads dog heartworm, St. Louis encephalitis virus, West Nile virus. This mosquito has a brown body with the head being lighter brown. The other parts of the mosquito are dark brown. 

  • Black Salt Marsh Mosquito (Aedes taeniorhynchus) spreads dog heartworm. It is black with white stripes on the abdomen. 

  • Gallinipper (proposed name)(Psorophora ciliata) doesn’t spread diseases but is annoying. It is six times the size of the common mosquito, and the bite is said to really hurt. It is brown with lighter brown stripes on the abdomen. 

A Closer Look At Some Mosquito-Borne Diseases In Miami-Dade County

Many of the diseases that mosquitoes carry are only found in foreign countries. Below are some diseases that you can get from mosquitoes in this area. Since they are viruses, there are ways to treat them directly. Doctors treat the symptoms to help you if you get these diseases. 

West Nile Virus Most people who get West Nile virus are asymptomatic. About one in five people get fever, fatigue, weakness, headache, body aches, joint pains, vomiting, diarrhea, or rash. The fatigue and weakness may last for months. About one in 150 people get serious problems, including encephalitis, meningitis, high fever, headache, neck stiffness, stupor, disorientation, coma, tremors, convulsions, muscle weakness, vision loss, numbness, and paralysis. About one in ten of these people will die. Even people who survive may have permanent central nervous system damage. 

Zika Virus There have been cases of Zika in the area. Most people don’t even know they have this disease. If you do have symptoms, they go away after about a week. These symptoms are fever, rash, headache, joint pain, conjunctivitis, and muscle pain. If a woman is pregnant and gets the Zika virus, the child may have a birth defect called microcephaly, which can mean the child’s head is small, and the child will have other fetal brain problems.   

La Crosse Encephalitis This is milder than the West Nile virus, but people can die from it. Most people get very mild problems that resolve quickly. The symptoms are fever, fatigue, weakness, nausea, and vomiting. Children under 16 that get this may have brain and nervous system problems including seizures.  

Saint Louis Encephalitis Many people with this have no symptoms. Among people with symptoms, 5-20% will die. Older adults are more likely to die. Symptoms start abruptly and include fever, headache, dizziness, nausea, and generalized weakness. Most people recover after a week or so. Others develop symptoms of central nervous system infections, including stiff neck, confusion, disorientation, dizziness, tremors, and unsteadiness. Some people go into a coma. 

Get Professional Help

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