The Dangers Fleas Bring Into Your New Jersey Home

December 18, 2020

Did you know that fleas are one of the most common pest problems in New Jersey homes? While fleas are a widespread concern, you might not realize it given their small size. They are an extremely hard pest to see, so they often go unnoticed by homeowners who don’t know the signs of an infestation.

flea jumping on pet hair

Since fleas only get to be about an eighth of an inch long, there are some other more noticeable signs that you can be on the lookout for. Here are the most common signs:

  1. You may see that your pets are scratching and biting their fur much more than normal.
  2. You may start finding dark flecks that look like dirt on your carpets and furniture that are actually caused by flea droppings
  3. Your pets may be suddenly losing their hair in certain spots or licking at sores they may have.
  4. There may be tan-colored egg casings laying around on your floors or near the furniture.
  5. After pet inspection, you may find “flea dirt” on your pet’s fur. 
    Another misconception about fleas is that they are only a problem for people who have pets, but this isn’t true. While pets often bring fleas into the home, and because fleas don’t live on humans, even homes without pets can get fleas. This is because fleas can come inside through second hand infested items or get onto your property through wildlife.

Why Fleas Are More Dangerous Than You Think

It’s easy to assume that fleas aren’t that big of a deal since they are a tiny pest that lives on animals instead of people. However, they are not a nuisance pest at all and are actually quite dangerous. Fleas can pose health risks for both pets and people, and in some cases, the diseases they carry can be severe.

 The biggest health concern with fleas is that they carry illnesses including Bartonella, typhus, and even the plague. They can also cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks, and secondary infections may occur as you itch at the bites they leave on your skin. Plus, fleas can also cause issues for your pets including sores and diseases.

What Are Ways To Prevent Fleas?

Because of the widespread nature of flea infestations, it’s a good idea for all New Jersey homeowners to take steps to prevent them. We’ve provided a list of some of the best flea prevention methods that include protecting both people and pets:

  • Make sure to check any secondhand clothing or furniture for signs of a flea infestation
  • Get help from your vet to protect your animals using flea collars or medications 
  • Take steps to prevent wildlife that can carry fleas by installing fences, removing bird feeders, and storing pet food indoors
  • Regularly vacuum and sweep your entire house 
  • How You Can Protect Yourself And Your Pets From Fleas?

Because fleas pose problems for people and animals, the most effective way to keep you, your family, and your animals safe from fleas are to work with both your vet and the pest control professionals at Amco Pest Solutions. While your vet can offer options to keep fleas away from your pets, our technicians can keep them away from your home. We offer innovative products and even emergency and same-day services. If you’re dealing with a flea infestation, contact us today at Amco Pest Solutions by phone or using our online contact form. We even offer free inspections. 

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