Three Quick Bed Bug Tips New Jersey Residents Ought To Know

June 30, 2020

Among the most hated pests are bed bugs. They seem to randomly show up and quickly take over places. Before you know it, you can have an infestation. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and a good night’s rest is important for health. Bed bugs interrupt all that by living in your mattress, box spring, and other areas. While you're sleeping, they bite you and suck your blood. And your body will be covered in itchy, red bites. Some people will have a rash while others will experience an allergic reaction or psychological effects. Preventing bed bugs and/or catching them early is critical for safety. Use these three tips with information on Amco Pest Solutions to learn how to combat them in New Jersey.

bed bug biting leg

1. Watch Your Back in Public

Since bed bugs feed on blood, they inhabit areas highly-populated by humans and animals. Therefore, public spots are hubs for these critters. While you’re at a hotel, transportation station, school or office, they’ll snuggle in your clothes or sneak into your personal bags. Once they’ve made it to your home or business, they’ll spread out to your laundry, couches, upholstery, electronics, appliances, wallpaper, flooring, and more. You probably have an infestation if you see the following:

  • Blood drops or red-brown stains on or under linens

  • Brown or black fecal drops or smears on or under sheets

  • Clusters of bumps or rashes on your face, hands, neck, arms, and legs

If you’re not sure what bed bugs look like, the first thing to know is that they’re very small. The largest they get is ¼ of an inch long. The most common household species have six legs and three body segments. Their circular heads have two antennas. The midsection is tiny. Their bottoms are big and round. Adults are reddish-brown, and the young are translucent. Eggs are pearly white.

2. Have a Keen Eye & Clean Diligently

As previously mentioned, precautionary measures are key in controlling bed bugs. You’ll need to be vigilant with cleaning and scanning your belongings and furniture. It might seem tedious and redundant, but the effort will be worth it. Bed bugs reproduce so rapidly that you’ll be in over your head in no time. It’s best to try to stop them before they even appear. Do the following:

  • Get a flashlight and use it while you check mattress seams, box springs, and head and footboards. Do this regularly, and don’t forget to go under beds.

  • Look through drawers, clothing piles, and bags for activity or infestation signs.

  • Inspect electronics, appliances, lamps, picture frames, and furniture. Bed bugs gravitate to these items because of the warmth and wood.

  • Examine all the aforementioned pieces in hotel rooms. If you see bed bugs, tell maintenance. Then have them relocate you to a unit far away.

  • Get a protective cover or plastic bag and put your luggage in it when you’re on the go.

  • After a trip, check your luggage. Wash your clothes with hot water and dry them for at least 20 minutes with high heat.

  • Look over second-hand items, like electronics and furniture, before buying them.

3. Call The Professionals If You Have a Bed Bug Infestation

Don’t try to exterminate bed bugs by yourself. They’re often resistant to retail products. Besides, you’d have to locate and kill every egg and living bed bug to completely eliminate them. This is too challenging.

Amco Pest Solutions has specialized, high-grade treatments that are thorough and effective. Most of all, they are safe for humans and pets. We’ve proudly served New Jersey for almost 60 years, and are members of multiple community and industry associations. Call us today for a free quote!

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