What To Do If You Discover Clothes Moths In Your New Jersey Home

March 13, 2020

You might not think of a moth as a troublesome pest, but some moths can cause problems for you and your family. If you find evidence of clothes moths in your New Jersey home, you need to act quickly. Read on to find out what you should do to eliminate moths from your home.

a clothing moth on dark fabric

What Are Clothing Moths?  

Clothing moths are common house pets in New Jersey. They are easily identified by their narrow wings, beige color, and hairy bodies. At times, these moths are confused for other species of moths, such as grain moths. One of the most identifiable traits of the clothing moth involves their behavior rather than their appearance. While other species of moths are seen in well-lit areas, clothing moths prefer the dark. You’re more likely to see them in closets, attics, and bathrooms than you are in bright areas of your home. 

Their Feeding Habits

Unlike most other household pests, these insects are unique in that they feed on fabric and other materials. Their favorite materials are fabrics made from animals, such as the following:

  • Wool
  • Fur
  • Leather
  • Felt
  • Silk
  • Feathers

All of the above materials contain keratin, which is a digestible protein that the moth larvae enjoy. Although it’s rare for clothing moth larvae to attack synthetic fibers, it is possible. This usually only happens when the material is stained or has body oils on it.

Tips For Preventing Clothes Moths

If you have a closet full of animal fibers, you should consider taking some moth prevention steps. First, dry clean all of your vulnerable clothing items prior to storing them. In doing so, you kill any existing moth eggs or larvae and you eliminate oils or odors that could attract moths.
You should also store your clothing in sealed containers or plastic bags. Be certain that the seals are tight and that there are no entry points for pests. If you have extremely valuable garments, consider storing them in a cold vault. Although this service isn’t widely available, you may be able to find a facility that offers cold vault clothing storage. 

Ineffective Protection

There are some misconceptions regarding clothes moths, and those myths could put your garments at risk. For instance, some individuals rely on mothballs to keep away moths. But mothballs don’t just smell musty; they can negatively affect your health. If children or pets come into contact with mothballs, they can become ill. Additionally, too many mothballs in one area of your home cause a release of harmful vapors. In many cases, mothballs do more harm than good.
Another ineffective method of protection is to store your clothes in a cedar chest. While cedar oil can be volatile to pests, it’s only deadly at a high concentration. The seals on most cedar chests aren’t tight enough to kill moths.

How To Handle Seeing A Clothes Moth

Finding holes in your clothes is a sign that you have a moth problem. Whether you find holes or you see the moths themselves, the problem will worsen. Adult moths will reproduce and make larvae, which will then destroy your clothes.
The minute you suspect you have clothes moths, call a professional pest control company. There is no easy or safe way to completely eliminate the moths in your home with DIY methods. In addition to eating clothing, larvae tend to live in the edges of rugs and carpets. And some infestations come from nests in attics or closets. 
Although you can kill some clothing moths, there may be others lurking about. For that reason, the best way to deal with a clothing moth infestation is to call the professionals at Amco Pest Solutions. We have the tools and experience to take care of clothing moths, and any other pests that might be plaguing you. Reach out to us today for prompt assistance. We are happy to help!

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