Why You Don't Want Squirrels Hanging Around Your New Jersey Property

January 21, 2021

Out of all the wildlife in New Jersey, squirrels are perhaps the most ignored. They're almost everywhere, and people don't usually think twice about the furry creatures. Unfortunately, no one should ignore squirrels on their property. Find out why you don't want squirrels near your home or business.

a gray squirrel on a fence

Squirrels Aren't What They Seem

In New Jersey, the most common squirrel is the Eastern gray squirrel. This squirrel is easy to identify, thanks to its bushy and long tail. It also has beady black eyes, which make the squirrel seem cute and friendly. Because of their adorable appearance, squirrels are sometimes invited onto properties. Customers or family members may feed the squirrels, which will only encourage them to remain on your property. Their actions could put your home or business in danger.

The Dangers Of Squirrels

Like all rodents in New Jersey, squirrels are terrible house guests. They're small in size, which makes them able to sneak into homes in the most unexpected places. Even if you seal up your home well, squirrels can get inside. They take small holes and use their teeth to chew them larger. If you don't work with a reputable pest control company, you could end up with squirrels nesting in your home or business. Once squirrels are inside, they'll start breeding. They have a short breeding cycle, so it doesn't take long for the rodents to take over. A few squirrels will quickly become too many squirrels to handle. Without pest prevention, you may be overwhelmed.

Squirrels end up in homes and businesses in search of food. And squirrels look for a wide variety of foods, which makes it difficult to remove potential food sources. They have sharp teeth that make them capable of chewing through your boxes, bags, and other materials. Even if you store your food with care, squirrels may be able to get into your food.

Damaging Homes & Families

In addition to eating your food, squirrels can damage your home or building. They have sharp incisors that grow on a regular basis. To keep them from growing too long, squirrels chew on hard objects. They might gnaw on your insulation and your wiring. This could result in a fire. Squirrels also spread disease and can trigger allergic reactions. If you want to protect everyone on your property, you should take steps to prevent squirrels. A pest control service like Amco Pest Solutions can do just that.

Keeping Squirrels Out

It's not easy to keep squirrels from invading your property. However, there are a few ways in which you can deter squirrels:

  • Remove Bird Feeders - Although you might enjoy feeding the birds, leaving bird feeders out won't just attract birds. It will also attract squirrels. If you don't want to get rid of your bird feeders, find a way to make your feeders less accessible to squirrels.

  • Seal Openings - If there are any openings in your home or business, squirrels can use them to enter. By closing up cracks and holes in your structure, you can prevent squirrels. Take a walk around your property and look for potential entrances. Seal them up with caulk or sealant.

  • Clear Tree Branches - Typically, squirrels use tree branches to jump from a tree to your building. By cutting down branches that come near your structure, you may be able to keep squirrels away.

Work With A Professional

Out of all the ways you can keep squirrels away, working with an experienced pest control company is the most effective. We know what it takes to keep squirrels away and can accomplish this with our professional home pest control service. For more advice or assistance, contact our pros at Amco Pest Solutions.

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