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Insulation & Encapsulation Services

Insulation & Encapsulation Services

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Insulation & Encapsulation for Home & Business Owners

It’s easy to identify issues in the parts of your home you regularly use. However, in less visible areas such as attics and crawl spaces, potential issues tend to be less obvious until they become far more severe. Though these areas may not necessarily be visible, protecting your attic and crawl space is crucial to maintaining the overall health of your home and family.

Moisture intrusion and leaks can destroy insulation and cause severe damage to your home. They can also create numerous conducive conditions for a wide variety of pests. This can cause further damage and create numerous health hazards. Our professional insulation and encapsulation services will ensure your attic and crawl space are in top form and protected from potential pest invaders!


Our Attic Services

When pests get into your attic, they can cause major damage to walls, beams, insulation, and electrical wires. This not only results in costly repairs but also poses significant health and potential fire hazards if not addressed quickly. We offer the following attic services:

  • Sanitizing & Deodorizing – Once we eradicate your pest infestation, we will clean out the affected areas, sanitize those areas, and deodorize to remove any lingering smell. This service ensures that no harmful particles can get into the air, protecting your family from becoming ill.

  • Insulation Replacement – If pests damage your insulation, those areas will need replacing to protect your home and your family. Damaged insulation is less efficient, and if it gets wet, mold could develop. We will remove the damaged insulation and replace it with new insulation.

  • Exclusion – To keep pests out, we need to seal off the areas where they entered your home in the first place. We offer exclusion services to seal entry points, protecting your home from future infestations.

  • Removal & Replacement – We also offer removal and replacement services where appropriate.


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Our Crawl Space Services

When not properly protected, crawl spaces can be plagued by excess moisture and standing water. This can lead to many issues, including wood rot, pests, and mold development. We provide the following services to eliminate your crawl space moisture issues:

  • Moisture Removal – We will begin by eliminating any excess water that has built up in your crawl space. This service can be accomplished through a variety of methods, depending on the extent of the problem, including a sump pump or dehumidifier installation.

  • Encapsulation – Once we remove the moisture, we offer encapsulation services to keep the moisture out. We will install a durable plastic liner around your crawl space that prevents moisture from passing through the floor, ground, and porous concrete walls.

Crawl Space Services Include

  • An inspection of the crawl space to determine moisture issues, air circulation, pest infestation, and wildlife habitation

  • The removal of soiled or damaged insulation from crawl space floor joist bays

  • A borate treatment of wood floor joists and adjoining members to combat insect or moisture conditions such as fungus and wood rot

  • The supply and installation of new industry-recommended crawl space insulation to floor joist bays to replace soiled, damaged, or outdated insulation

  • The removal of damaged, non-functioning, or outdated crawl space vents

  • The supply and installation of temperature-activated or electric power vents to crawl space foundation walls to allow proper airflow, reduce moisture and contaminants

  • The removal and disposal of damaged, outdated, or waterlogged vapor/moisture barrier

  • The supply and installation of a new vapor/moisture barrier to the entire crawl space floor to control moisture and vapors in the crawl space

  • The supply and installation of a new crawl space door if needed

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