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What are moths?

Moths are insects that are closely related to butterflies. They have scales covering their wings and antennae that are threadlike or feathery. Their antennae are what often differentiates moths from butterflies; butterflies have straight, club-tipped antennae. Moths also have a more stout body compared to the butterfly. Moths are often thought of as having dull color patterns on their wings, but this is not always the case, some species have very striking or bright color patterns.


Are moths dangerous?

Adults moths aren’t particularly dangerous or damaging pests. However, moth larvae (caterpillars) have voracious appetites and cause damage to plants, fabrics, food, and more.

Many pantry and fabric pests are types of moths. The females lay their eggs on an appropriate food source and once the larvae hatch they begin feeding on the food source provided. They will contaminate food sources and chew holes through clothing, blankets, and other fabric items. Their caterpillars also feed on and damage plant leaves.


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Why do I have a moth problem?

Moths live outside in nature and are often found living in close proximity to our home. Moths usually only become problematic when they decide to invade our homes and their caterpillars feed on our food and damage our personal property.

Moths move inside through torn screens, open windows and doors, and spaces in exterior walls that they discover. Larvae are sometimes introduced inside of homes on potted plants or contaminated dry goods purchased from the store.

Where will I find moths?

Moths live outside in a variety of diverse habitats including gardens, farmland, woodlands, and marshlands. Our yards also provide an appropriate place for moths to live.

When living in our yards, adults often become attracted to a home’s exterior wall by outdoor lighting. Inside, adults are found on walls, ceilings, or around light fixtures. Caterpillars are usually feeding on an appropriate food source that is located in the kitchen, basement, closets, or other dark storage areas.

How do I get rid of moths?

Getting rid of moths from your yard, home, or business is best left up to a professional. The professionals at Amco Pest Solutions will provide you with the year-round solutions needed to get rid of moths and prevent their return. Whether you are looking to get rid of a current moth infestation or prevent future problems with moths our family-owned and operated company is here to help.

Our professionals are committed to providing the pest control services needed to help home and business owners keep their properties free of moths and other common pests. Amco Pest Solutions provides residential pest control and commercial pest control services throughout New Jersey, the Five Borough of New York, and South Florida. Reach out today to learn more about our effective moth control solutions!

How can I prevent moths in the future?

To make your property less attractive to moths whether you live in New Jersey, New York, or South Florida, use the following, easy to execute, prevention tips:

  • Keep adult moths out of your home by repairing torn screens, fixing loose screens, and placing weather-stripping around windows and doors.

  • Plant flowers and landscaping plants away from your home’s exterior.

  • Outdoor lights attract moths to your home’s exterior, turn off outdoor lights when they are not needed.

  • Inspect plants for caterpillars and moths before bringing them inside.

  • Store clothing, blankets, and other fabric items away in plastic storage containers, not in cardboard boxes.

  • Inspect food packaging for rips or tears before purchasing it.

  • Store dry goods in plastic or glass containers with locking lids.

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