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Whether you are a homeowner looking to make one of the largest purchases in your lifetime by buying a home or you are a Real Estate Agent with your client’s best interest in mind, Amco Pest Services, Inc. can provide a thorough real estate inspection to identify pest infestations. We have built a reputation on providing fast, reliable service with honest reporting in New York and New Jersey. Put Amco’s four generations of pest experience to work for you! We are leaders in the termite and wood-destroying insect field.

(FHA – VA – Conventional Inspections) For All Mortgage Institutions


Our Inspections Include:

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Our Inspections Include:

  • Termites
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Powder Post Beetles
  • Carpenter Bees
  • Wood Borers
  • Visible Signs of pest damage
  • Conditions Conducive to pest infestations

Home Inspections

We offer thorough home Inspections by state certified building inspectors arranged through our independent contractor. 

Services Include:

  • Free competitive estimates and 2nd opinions
    (does not include certification)
  • Effective treatment procedures, should an infestation
    be discovered
  • Complete service plans for major wood-destroying insects
  • Treatment performed by state-licensed pest technicians
  • Certifications issues on previously treated homes if work
    has been performed in accordance with industry standard
  • Insurance against future termite damage is available at a low annual cost. (Note that Damage Insurance is different from Termite Treatment Service.)
  • Service plans are available on other insects,
    including carpenter ants
  • Damage repair re-inspections or minor repairs performed
  • Carpentry estimates arranged for you
    through independent contractors
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How Much Will The Inspection Cost Me?

The inspection fee is $95 for one and two family living units. The inspection fee is payable at time of inspection. A real estate pest inspection report will promptly issued and will be available, if necessary, at the time of inspection.

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What Will I, The Buyer, Receive?

If a problem is found - A complete written report of our findings, including diagrams depicting infestation and/or damage discovered by our inspection, as well as treatment costs. (Damage repair estimates available upon request.) If our inspection reveals no visible signs of infestation a certificate will be issued to meet your mortgage requirements. (FHA/VA-HUD or equivalent). Also, a one-year conditional termite service plan and damage insurance policy will be included in our inspection fee qualifying structures.

Experience Is Your Best Insurance

Experience has shown us time and time again that wood-destroying insects can and do conceal their activity and only the experience of tens of thousands of real estate pest inspections has made Amco Pest Control certain of providing you the most complete and
professional pest control service.


Amco Pest Services Inc. meets and exceeds the inspection recommendation of the National Pest Management Association.
Our inspectors are rigorously trained and re-trained in the latest methods to ensure the most complete and precise inspection possible. Each inspector is a state-certified in structural and general pest control and knowledgeable in all aspects of wood-destroying insect infestation detection and correction.


Amco Pest Control provides maximum safety for children and pets. We use only EPA/DEP approved chemicals and application procedures.


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