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What do you know about subterranean termites? We hope you know enough to protect your Miami-Dade property from the financial impact of termite damage. Subterranean termites are the most destructive termites in the United States, and in the category of subterranean termite, Formosan and Asian subterranean termites are the worst of the worst. Guess what we have in Miami-Dade County? Yup. These two, and a long list of other termite species that can turn your property into a money pit. Here is a quick class on subterranean termites to help you keep your property protected.

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It Is Difficult To Detect Subterranean Termites

One of the reasons subterranean termites are so destructive is that they are incredibly difficult to detect. There are two ways termites can come into your Miami-Dade yard. They can fly in or they can tunnel in.

Swarmers — The termites that fly in are called swarmers because they swarm together. If hundreds (or thousands) of swarmers appear on the outside of your home, they're easy to spot. While each swarmer is only about ⅜ of an inch long, it has white wings that stand out when many swarmers are together. But a swarm of winged termites isn't a sign of an impending infestation. It is a sign of a current, mature, and active infestation. The sign of an impending infestation is the appearance of a couple, or a few couples of swarmers. Termite swarmers find a mate in less than thirty minutes and the swarm separates into many couples. If two swarmers come into your yard, you'll have a difficult time seeing them.

Workers — The termites that tunnel into your yard are called workers. They can come into your yard by the hundreds of thousands and you won't know it. They don't come up above the surface of the ground except to feed on things that are made of cellulose. If workers find food sources in your yard, they may establish a satellite colony near your property. All of this is done in secret beneath the surface.

There Are A Few Ways You May Detect Termites

  • If you cut into a log, stump, tree with heart rot, dead bush, or some other potential food source for worker termites, you could find termites inside. Some describe worker termites as white ants. If you see "white ants," it is important that you recognize them as worker termites.

  • If you lift a piece of wood, cardboard box, pile of clothing, or some item that is made of cellulose, you could find evidence of worker termite activity. They may be hiding in the darkness underneath. Termites have been found infesting objects inside garages and other structures. But the location to look for this evidence is underneath objects that rest on the soil outside of your home.

  • If workers are feeding on your home, they may have to create shelter tubes to do it. These are above-ground tunnels made of soil and termite saliva. They might be on your foundation walls, but they can be on any surfaces between the soil and the wood of your home. Keep in mind that these tubes are most likely to be found in dark, shaded, damp, and secluded locations.

  • If workers find a damp, dark area where wood touches the soil, they may come near the surface as they feed. This can create damage that is visible.

How To Deter Termites

When swarmers look for suitable places to raise a family, they are drawn to damp conditions and available food sources such as woodpiles, brush piles, stumps, logs, etc. When workers come into your yard, they're focused on finding food. To deter swarmers and workers, remove food sources, address wood-to-soil contact, and reduce moisture.

Termite Damage Prevention

The only way to ensure the protection of your property is to apply trusted termite monitoring and control products around the exterior of your home. These should be selected and administered by a licensed professional. If you live in Miami-Dade, reach out to AMCO Pest Solutions, Inc. We offer industry-leading solutions for termite damage prevention. We would love the opportunity to guide you in selecting the right plan for your specific needs and budget. You don't have to be surprised by catastrophic termite damage. Take action now to safeguard your equity. Contact our team today.


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