When it comes to pest control, everyone thinks they’re an expert. After all, you’ve probably encountered your share of ants, spiders, and other common pests. The trouble is that lots of folks are grossly misinformed when it comes to pests, and problems can spiral out of control without proper treatment. Here’s how you may be wrong about termites in New Jersey.

Myth: Termites Serve No Purpose

Termites are much more than property-destroying pests. These cellulose-eating bugs help to break down dead vegetation into the soil, clearing away decaying plants and enriching the soil for new growth. Termites also serve as a reliable food source for many animals around the world, and without them, many ecosystems could not survive.

Myth: Termites Are Just Like Ants

There are certainly some similarities between ants and termites. They are both social insects with egg-laying queens at the center of their society and distinct castes performing specific jobs. Winged reproductive termites and reproductive ants are commonly mistaken for one another. But, termites feed exclusively on cellulose-rich materials like wood, while ants may feed on anything from sugar to other insects. Not to mention, termites tend to keep a low profile while most ants brazenly commute in the open.

Myth: If I Have A Lot Of Mulch Or Decaying Wood Nearby, Termites Will Leave My Home Alone

Having lots of dead or decaying wood around your property will only make your home more attractive to termites. Flying termite swarmers may be especially inclined to gather on your property with a reliable food source. Mulch and decaying wood may lead termites to infest your home for more food.

Myth: Termites Can Eat Through Concrete

No, termites can’t eat through concrete. They are capable of chewing through drywall and thin plastic as well as most commercial lumber, but they can’t eat through concrete, solid rock, or metal. However, termites will take advantage of cracks in damaged concrete to infest your property.

Myth: If Your House Has Been Treated For Termites Once, You Don’t Need To Worry About Termites Again

Termite infestations can happen repeatedly, regardless of how many times you’ve had termites in the past. Even if you’ve had termites exterminated from your property, as long as conditions like moisture and food remain favorable, termites are happy to infest your property all over again. Unfortunately, a previous treatment won’t protect you from termites forever.

Myth: It’s Easy To Tell If You Have A Termite Problem

You would think that if you had thousands of bugs eagerly eating away at your home or business, you’d know about it. But the truth is, termites are often difficult to detect. Compared to other pests, termites give relatively few signs of activity and complications aren’t usually apparent until an infestation has developed to a significant size — and by then, extensive damage has been done to the property. Termites rarely venture out in the open, cause odor, or make audible noise.

Myth: You Can Get Rid Of Termites On Your Own With Natural Remedies

Every year, termites cost Americans some $5 billion in property damage. You don’t want to take any chances with ineffective essential oils or sprays when it comes to dispatching these destructive pests. If you can’t eliminate the colony at the source, you’ll continue to have termite problems.

That’s why you need to get in touch with Amco Pest Solutions at the first sign of termite problems on your New Jersey property. First, our expert technicians will come to you for a free inspection. Then, we’ll address your termites with industry-leading Termidor® and HexPro Termite Control to get rid of the problem once and for all. Contact us today.